Madden NFL 21 – A New Power Up Expansion Is Here

This week’s Madden NFL 21 Power Up expansion includes Kenny Vaccaro, Albert Haynesworth, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Austin Hooper, Greg Jennings, and Foyesade Oluokun.

A new week in Madden NFL 21 means that we have new items to acquire. The Power Up collection is one of the MUT 21 card sets that get weekly releases. The new Madden NFL 21 Power Up addition includes six new items.

Check Out This Week’s MUT 21 Power Up Expansion!

Kenny Vaccaro has 68 OVR with 74 speed, 79 acceleration, 75 agility, 57 strength, 78 jumping, 62 awareness, and 62 play recognition. His coverage stats are 53 man coverage, 59 zone coverage, and 68 pursuit. This card has the safety position. Albert Haynesworth from the Tennessee Titans has 78 OVR with 64 speed, 74 acceleration, 57 agility, 83 strength, 68 jumping, 73 awareness, and 73 play recognition. The run defense attributes are 76 block shedding, 71 pursuit, 75 tackle, and 74 hit power. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has a Madden NFL 21 Power Up card with 78 OVR. The general attributes are 82 speed, 81 acceleration, 80 agility, 51 strength, 81 jumping, 71 awareness, and 71 play recognition. The coverage stats are 74 man, 72 zone, and 75 pursuit. Austin Hooper from the Cleveland Browns has 72 speed, 76 acceleration, 71 agility, 60 strength, 73 jumping, and 68 awareness. The receiving stats are 73 catching, 66 catch in throw, 64 spectacular catch, 66 short route running, 64 medium route running, 57 deep route running, and 67 release. The OVR is 71. Greg Jennings has a card with 78 OVR. The general attributes are 82 speed, 82 acceleration, 80 agility, 53 strength, 78 jumping, and 75 awareness. The receiving stats are 72 catching, 71 catch in throw, 74 spectacular catch, 67 short route running, 69 medium route running, 75 deep route running, and 75 release. Foyesade Oluokun plays for the Atlanta Falcons. His MUT 21 Power Up card has 68 OVR with 77 speed, 75 acceleration, 71 agility, 53 strength, 73 jumping, 61 awareness, and 61 play recognition. The run defense stats are 46 block shedding, 66 pursuit, 67 tackle, and 73 hit power. Remember that this is the base version of the Power Up cards. All of them have the potential to upgrade to 99 OVR. The upgrade comes with better stats and more chemistry slots. For more MUT 21 items, check out the latest Ultimate Legends drop and the Golden Ticket release. The Fan Appreciation program is continuing with activities and special deals in the store.

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