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Accordingly, on Could 1st, the adjourned session of the primary Congress met in the respective chambers, 1 “fitted up and furnished for the enterprise.” The last statement, “fitted up and furnished QEN adult profile for enterprise,” have to be considerably certified, else the reader will probably be misled. Neither was the need for accommodation experienced alone within the transaction of official business. In addition to these concerns, the committee would beg to state that, inasmuch because the proposition made by this republic in her incipient stage of nationwide existence to the United States of America for annexation to the Amer- can Confederacy has been withdrawn by the minister plenipotentiary of the federal government on the courtroom of Washington, and as the want of nearly all of the individuals of Texas, as far as is publicly known, is in favor of sustaining an unbiased station among the many nations of the earth, we regard the transaction of the single star into the American constellation and the merging of the one Texan stripes with the thirteen stripes of the United States of America index- patient.