How to choose the compound crusher and vertical impact crusher for sand making machine?

How to choose the compound crusher and vertical impact crusher for sand making machine?

Compound crusher and impact sand making machine are both models with wide market share in the mechanism sand equipment.

The working principle of compound crusher is that the electric motor drives the rotor to rotate counterclockwise at high speed through the triangle drive, and the material enters the crusher cavity from the inlet and is struck by the high-speed rotating plate hammer, and then bounces back after impacting the tooth-shaped impact plate on the impact plate at the top of the crushing cavity, and then enters the second crushing cavity after impacting and crushing the material with the subsequent upward impact. The material is then crushed with the subsequent upward impact and enters the second crushing chamber. The action of the wear-resistant tooth plate and plate hammer generates huge pressure, bending force and friction. The material is fully crushed and ground in this crushing chamber, and the particle shape is fully shaped, so that there is almost no needle-like material, and then discharged from the machine.

Vertical impact crusher can also be used for coarse grinding operation, and can crush the feed material less than 60mm, for 2-8mm feed material can be crushed to 18-100 mesh. The working principle is that the material enters the crusher from the feed hopper and is divided into two parts by the material separator. One part of the material enters the impeller from the middle of the separator and is rapidly accelerated in the impeller, the acceleration can reach hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity, and then is ejected from the three evenly distributed runners of the impeller at a speed of 60-75 m/s. The material is firstly impacted and crushed by a part of the material falling freely around the separator, and then impacted together to the material lining layer in the vortex cavity, which is rebounded by the material lining layer, and slanted upward. Impact to the top of the vortex cavity, and change its direction of motion, deflection downward movement. The materials launched from the impeller flow channel form a continuous material curtain, so that the materials in the vortex crusher are subjected to two to several impacts, friction and grinding crushing action. The crushed material is discharged from the lower discharge port. The material is crushed into less than 20 mesh by circulating screening system to form a closed circuit, generally three times. In the whole crushing process, the materials impact and crush each other, not in direct contact with the metal components, but with the material lining impact, friction and crushing. This reduces iron pollution. The ingenious airflow circulation inside the vortex cavity eliminates dust pollution. The working principles of these two types of equipment are very different and have very different advantages and disadvantages.

The compound crusher has two stages of impact crushing cavity, both of which are adjustable. The body is divided into two parts, upper and lower, which is easy to install and transport. The rotor adopts cone sleeve with key connection, and the high efficiency wear-resistant plate hammer and impact plate can be inserted and installed. It has the features of easy operation and maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving, and cubic shape of the product. The sand making rate is more than 30% at one time, and the size of the discharge material is adjustable and optional. Especially in the crushing of river pebbles, granite, quartzite and other raw materials with high hardness, the cost of producing each ton of mechanism sand is up to about 5 yuan. But the advantages of compound crusher with low investment and high finished product rate make it accepted by users who newly invest in the mechanism sand industry.

The impact sand making machine uses centrifugal force to crush the material by accelerating the rotor disk at high speed, which generates centrifugal force and collides with the liner plate. However, the process of accelerating the material consumes a lot of energy, so the power consumption of a centrifugal impact crusher is more than twice that of a general compound crusher at the same output. The impact sand making machine has evolved and changed according to the subtle difference of structure, there are one type, two type and three type sand making machine, improving the crushing cavity and rotor speed can crush the small particles of rice stone to make sand.

After comparing the sand making principle of these two crushers, the centrifugal impact sand making machine is recommended when crushing harder materials, and the compound crusher can be used when crushing lower hardness raw materials such as limestone.