What is the NBA?

It is abbreviated as National Basketball Association, is a men’s basketball league in North America that comprises 30 teams. NBA is a significant sports league of Canada and the USA. It is the rich sports league next to Football and Baseball.

Top NBA Teams

  • Boston Celtics
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Detroit Pistons
  • LA Lakers
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Miami Heat

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Some Sample NBA quiz questions

  • What is the duration of NBA regulation?
  • What is the time span for an NBA team to shoot?
  • Which team has won the most number of titles?
  • Who overtook the record of Kobe Bryant?
  • Can you name the three splash brothers?
  • Who was the coach of Atlanta when it won the 78th season?
  • What is the nickname of DeMarcus Cousins?
  • Name the players who entered into the NBA league right after high school?
  • Which player was the brand ambassador for a popular sneaker?

Chicago Bulls

It is one of the greatest teams that won the 1995-96 NBA season. Michael Jordan’s comeback helped them to win against Seattle Supersonics to win the season.

LA Lakers

They were the title winners of the 1985-86 season against the Boston Celtics. Michael Cooper, James Worthy, Kurt Rambis, Abdul-Jabbar, and Mychal Thompson played significant roles during this season.

Boston Celtics

They are the greatest NBA franchise to dominant the league during the ’60s. John Havlicek and Sam Jones helped the team to lift the trophy during the 1964-65 season.

Must know rules and regulations for a better understanding of the game

  • The ball can be thrown or struck in any direction with either single or both hands.
  • The team with the most number of points is the title winner.
  • A player is not permitted to run with the ball.
  • You are allowed to catch the ball only with your hands.
  • A fist strike of the ball costs the team a penalty.
  • You are not permitted to push, trip, hold or shoulder your opponent team member.
  • The game consists of two fifteen-minute halves with five minutes of break in between.
  • The referee is the judge of the game, and he decides on the baskets and keeps the time.


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