World of Warcraft and Diablo IV Surprise at BlizzCon 2021

World of Warcraft and Diablo IV Surprise at BlizzCon 2021

Last Friday, February 19, BlizzCon 2021 was held, a totally online event in which the video game developer Activision Blizzard revealed all the news about its main video games.

Without a doubt, beyond Hearthstone, Overwatch 2 and Diablo II: Resurrected, the two main protagonists of the event were World of Warcraft and Diablo IV.

For the legendary MMORPG also known as WoW Shadowlands, in its most current version, the contents of the patch 9.1 that it will receive soon were presented.

The patch will include the Chains of Domination expansion that will add much more content to expand the World of Warcraft experience from a gameplay but also a story point of view.

This expansion will present us a new story that will give a drastic turn to the events that were taking place in the main plot of the game, which has generated a lot of expectation in the gaming community.

In addition, two new dungeons will also be added: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market and the Sanctum of Domination.

The first of these is a high difficulty dungeon, just like the players wanted it, which will have 10 bosses inside it and will grant very good rewards in weapons and pets.

On the other hand, Sanctum of Domination is a dungeon with eight bosses that will bring together several of the most famous enemies in the game such as the mythical Kel’Thuzad. This dungeon can be played on four different difficulty levels to make it accessible to all players.

In addition, World of Warcraft also won the award for best cosplay of the year. Cosplayer @hartigancosplay on Twitter characterized WoW’s fearsome Bolvar Fordragon in a spectacular way.

To close out WoW, there was no mention of any changes in the way to obtain or generate gold within the game, so players will be able to buy WoW gold online at goldpiles without problem for the next few months.

Diablo IV looks incredibly spectacular.

Blizzard introduced its new Rogue class in a spectacular trailer that further raised the expectations of fans waiting for this game. Unfortunately, it was confirmed that Diablo IV will not be released during this year 2021.

Also, the developers gave more details about the duration of the game’s main campaign. Specifically, the campaign can be completed in between twenty or thirty hours depending on the game director.

Of course, he emphasized that this period of time will depend on the interests of the player and how much he wants to explore the huge open world of the game.

The open world of Diablo IV will be made up of five different regions packed with content that “will make players spend hundreds and hundreds of hours playing Diablo,” according to the developers.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is now available worldwide on Microsoft Windows PC and MAC OS.

Diablo IV is currently on development.

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